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  • A priority formulation of Calcium, Phosphorus with probiotic and enzymes able to deliver more available calcium than other sources – transition cows receive a high dose of calcium that goes to work immediately. Supplementation of Chelavet blus during the last month of pregnancy meets the urgent requirement of Calcium immediate after purturation.
  • Specially designed mineral mixture formulation for meeting the need Indian high yield cattle. Heat inducer with all pregnancy essential minerals those are mandatory to maintain a healthy pregnancy.
  • A fusion of various nutrients in balanced proportion powered with Silymarin and Liver tonic for fast growth maintenance and extra productivity in all animals. A supportive tonic for fast back to the feed with restoration of various micro-flora.
  • An anti-stress formula with native type of Vitamin A (Palmitate) for healthy and energetic animal. It is specially designed for the development of udder alveolar tissue to make milk forming environment healthy.
  • Mineral mixture with various chelated minerals powered by group of vitamins in right proportion customised with the localised soil profile. It is specially designed to regularly compensate the nutritional deficiency of productive animals.
  • A fusion of various growth promoting nutrients with Liver extract and Silymarin to keep healthy small and large animal.
  • A geographically designed micro-pulverised minerals and vitamins mixture for better health and productivity of cattle.
  • Natural form of anti-stress Vitamins. A complete vitals for nourishment of udder epithelial tissues where the the milk formation taking place.
  • Chelated Calcium and milk enhancing factors. A complete solution with milk forming nutrition fortified with nutrients for keeping mammary gland very healthy.