Ovasys Inj 10ml

10ml Injection

Salmon Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Analogue with Dopamine inhibitor.

The best quality hormonal preparation for induced breeding in fish for fastest FOM time.

Each ml contains:
Salmon Gonadotropin Releasing
Hormone analogue: 20 mcg
Domperidone IP: 10 mg
Propylene Glycol IP: qs

The development methods using hypothalamic factors was only possible when both stimulation and inhibition mechanisms of neuroendocrine take place properly. A significant contribution is also a high degree of versatility of GnRHa preparations within a big spectrum of the carps, which together with easy availability and a relatively low price creates excellent conditions for use in aquaculture. Further research aimed at the identification and synthesis of more potent GnRHa along with a detailed search for the reasons of reproductive function should contribute to future progress in the area of artificial stimulation of final oocyte maturation and ovulation in Cyprinidae.

• Ovasys ensures timely Ovulation.
• Causes no stress to the Brood fish.
• Safe pricking-causes no swelling to the site of injection.
• No mortality to the brood stock in the post ovulation.
• Presence of Domperidone in Ovasys ensures more effectively.
• Single Injection is enough for the timely ovulation.

Dosage and Applications:
0.5 ml/ kg body weight of brood fish.
(Dosage may be varied depending up on environmental conditions)
I/M injection Only.