Biosec S


100gm, 500gm, 5kg


A synergised oxidising system based on active ingredient of potassium monopersulphate.

Biosec S is the breakthrough disinfectant formulation that defines on farm

Biosecurity with powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses


Sodium Chloride…………… 1.5% w/w.

Salt Containing Potassium


Potassium Hydrogen Sulphate/

Potassium Sulphate…….. 50% w/w.

Buffer and Excipients 100%

Color:…………………Tertrazine Yellow

  • biosec S is a modern disinfectant with outstanding virucidal properties.
  • The “Gold Standard” foot dip disinfectant. biosec S kills pathogens ten times faster than the nearest competitor.
  • Proven to kill all Germs on the farm as well as in the laboratory.
  • No need to rotate biosec S. Independently proven to reduce the potential infectivity of resistant.
  • biosec S leads the way forward in EDCM(Emergency Disease Control Measures)
  • Approved by Governments Worldwide for Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, and more.
  • Superior Safety. biosec S can be misted in the presence of animals.
  • Environmental profile. Degrades naturally within the environment.
  • Easy to transport and store. Biosec S can be transported conveniently.
  • Biosecurity in a single pack. all in one pack for surfaces, equipment, vehicles, aerial disinfection, and water delivery systems.
Usage and application:

During Severe Outbreak:

Whole day water consumption/3 X 2gm on 10 AM X 4 days

(Age X No. of birds in 100s/3)

Simultaneously for Treatment & for Prevention:

Spray in the dark evening to whole shed @ 1000 sqft/4lt in the concentration of 5gm per lit. of water.